• dementia friendly businesses

    Dementia-Friendly Businesses

    This week the National Trust is publicising their partnership with the Alzheimer’s  Society. They are embarking on a 3 year…

  • Birmingham Mediation Advice Litigation

    Birmingham Mediation Advice Litigation

    Birmingham Mediation Advice Litigation Chris Guy, litigation solicitor at RLK, reviews mediation as an alternative to involving the Court in…

  • probate solicitors birmingham

    Serious Delays at Probate Registries

    Rubric Lois King, Probate Solicitors Birmingham, Review Increased Probate Delays Since the beginning of 2019 the probate registries have seen…

  • edgbaston litigation solicitor

    New Guidance from the Legal Ombudsman on “Good Costs Service”

    Edgbaston Litigation Solicitor Ian Sheppard, of Rubric Lois King, Considers Updated Pricing Guidelines as Specified by the Legal Ombudsman In…

  • leasehold conveyancing birmingham

    New Rules Affecting Leasehold Property Sales

    By Katherine Rose of Rubric Lois King, offering professional leasehold conveyancing Birmingham. The Government is to introduce a £240 cap…

  • Birmingham Private Client Legal

    The Guardianship (Missing Persons) Act 2017 Receives Royal Assent

    Joyce Bennell, Birmingham Private Client Legal Specialist, Examines How Family Members can Handle the Affairs of Missing Persons This Act…

  • conveyancing solicitors in birmingham, ban on the sale of new-build leasehold

    Government to consider a Ban on the Sale of New-Build Houses as Leasehold

    RLK, Conveyancing Solicitors in Birmingham, look at an upcoming ban on new-build leasehold properties Whilst the legislation still needs to…

  • birmingham litigation solicitors

    Private Landlords Face Stricter Eviction Rules

    Midlands Litigation Solicitors RLK ask “Is this the end of the Section 21 Notice?” Under new plans proposed by the…

  • birmingham conveyancing solicitor, leasehold residential

    Residential Property Leases: Short term Leases Are a Cause for Concern!

    Birmingham conveyancing solicitor Sunny Bains scrutinises leasehold properties and lender requirements. Lenders have specific requirements in respect of the minimum…

  • birmingham litigation solicitors, promissory estoppel

    Promissory Estoppel: Relying on a Promise Made…

    Ian Sheppard, of Birmingham Litigation solicitors Rubric Lois King, Considers the Doctrine of Promissory Estoppel. On occasion clients complain that…