Will Writing Solicitors in Birmingham

Will Writing Solicitors

Planning for your future can be a daunting prospect, but our dedicated team of will writing solicitors in Birmingham are here to help you.

Understanding the significance of creating a will cannot be underestimated—it is a crucial step in safeguarding your assets, ensuring your loved ones are taken care of, and that your final wishes are respected and executed according to your desires.

We recognise that every individual has their own unique situation, and our approach reflects that. Whether you’re looking to secure your children’s future, distribute your assets, or simply want peace of mind knowing your estate will be handled as you wish, our solicitors are here to guide you through the process with sensitivity and expertise.

Everything we do is open and transparent, so you can be sure of a full estimate of costs from the outset with no unexpected bills.

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elise frisbyelise frisby
14:54 08 Jul 24
Absolutely fantastic law firm , all staff are very professional always answer emails and calls straight away . Would 100% use again
Andy ChanAndy Chan
23:42 05 Jul 24
As a first-time buyer, I truly appreciate Wilson's patience, clear explanations, and constant communication throughout the house-buying process. His expertise and guidance made a complex experience smooth and empowering, and I couldn't be happier in my new home!
Lorna ClellandLorna Clelland
21:28 02 Jul 24
RLK solicitors have acted successfully on my behalf in a recent business interruption claim against my insurance company. They were professional, friendly and extremely easy to deal with. Would highly recommend them.
C LeungC Leung
18:57 02 Jul 24
Wilson is professional and reliable. Whenever we had any enquiries during the property purchase process, he would give us a call to explain in details and keep us updated of the progress.
Alastair TaylorAlastair Taylor
15:24 02 Jul 24
RLK worked on our business interruption claim against our insurers for a period of over 2 years. In that time, we were kept informed about everything that was happening on a very regular basis. The team at RLK were very straight about what the process would be, what the likely timeline was and what was required from us in terms of information and figures. At no point did they ever over promise and under deliver - quite the reverse in fact. The outcome was as good as we could have hoped for and I have nothing but praise for Chris Guy and his team who were absolutely fantastic from start to finish. Thank you.
Laura HarrisonLaura Harrison
14:23 02 Jul 24
After an extremely long and stressful battle due to a business interruption case RLK came to the rescue and were 100% the best solicitors for the job! They were extremely helpful, professional, and understanding throughout the past 3 years. The communication was amazing, I never felt left out or that I didn’t know what was going on. They strived to get the best outcome possible for me and I will forever be grateful to them. I would 100% recommend RlK to anyone.
Verity OliverVerity Oliver
13:37 20 Jun 24
RLK solicitors - What an incredible firm! The team fought tirelessly against our insurers in relation to the non payment of business interruption insurance. We were kept in the loop throughout the whole process. A member of the team was always on hand to answer any queries. Thank you RLK!
17:29 06 May 24
Very professional. Respond quickly. Always there for you. Whole team I've worked with have been amazing.
Helen PreeceHelen Preece
18:43 01 Feb 24
I was involved in a complicated case involving Tennants in Common, a poorly written Deed of Trust (not written by this company). The solicitor dealing with the matter joined RLK at which point the now prolonged case began to go forward. We worked with Simon Thompson who had to work through a considerable number of communications.He grasped the basics quickly.Since then the case has progressed to a successful conclusion.Throughout they have been excellent communicators clarifying legal issues for us. Clear with their advice and support. Never made any false promises being honest where any doubts arose.I intend to continue to use this company for the now possible sale of my property.I would highly recommend this company.
Sally Coles-RobertsonSally Coles-Robertson
11:03 01 Feb 24
Jacqueline grahamJacqueline graham
19:49 22 Jan 24
Great solicitors, keep you updated every stage of the way.
Charlotte DwyerCharlotte Dwyer
16:48 22 Jan 24
Thank you, excellent service and lovely staff. Dealt with Simon regarding passport applications.
michelle Yatesmichelle Yates
17:31 17 Jan 24
Rlk are doing an amazing job, they are continuously fighting to get the payouts we deserve from our insurance companies. I’ve been kept updated the whole way through the process, and they have put so much hard work and determination into it from day 1. Would 100% recommend Rlk.
18:05 05 Jan 24
I highly recommend WilsonHe is always polite, patient, and responsible. He took the time to understand my case and explain the process to me in a clear way. He was always available to answer my questions and provide me with updates on my case. I am very grateful for his help and I would definitely recommend him
Stephanie MossStephanie Moss
09:17 04 Oct 23
I whole heartedly can’t recommend RLK solicitors enough. Their commitment and communication throughout my case has been second to none. Lucy has kept me informed, and updated me every step of the way. Whatever the outcome of the arbitration, I know that they have put their heart and soul into my case and I am beyond grateful for their dedication and determination. Great work team.
17:18 28 Sep 23
RLK have been and continue to be amazing working hard for my business. Lucy keeps me up to date with all the information. Very friendly and professional, who know their stuff!!Thank you for fighting for us all in the beauty and hair industry

When should you consider drafting or updating your will?

Drafting or updating a will is a critical step in managing your estate and ensuring your wishes are fulfilled after you pass away. While it might seem like a task for the future, several key life events make it imperative to consider creating or revising your will:

  • Major Life Changes: Significant events such as marriage, divorce, the birth of a child, or the adoption of a child should prompt a review of your will. These milestones can drastically change your preferences for guardianship, beneficiaries, and asset distribution.
  • Acquisition or Disposal of Significant Assets: Buying a home, starting a business, or acquiring valuable personal property can significantly affect your estate’s value and distribution. Conversely, selling major assets may necessitate adjustments to your will to reflect your current financial situation.
  • Changes in Relationships: Changes in your relationships with beneficiaries, executors, or guardians named in your will should trigger a review. This includes estrangement, improved relationships, or the death of someone named in your will.
  • Tax Law Changes: Amendments to tax laws affecting inheritance, estates, or gifts may impact the efficiency and effectiveness of your current will in managing tax liabilities for your estate or your beneficiaries.

Even if none of the above changes occur, it’s wise to review your will periodically. Every three to five years is a common recommendation, ensuring it still reflects your wishes and accounts for any overlooked changes in your life or assets.

An outstanding service on redrafting our wills, significantly ahead of our previous solicitor in terms of vision, advice… and the surprisingly reasonable fee.

Choosing the right executor for your will

Selecting the right executor for your will is one of the most critical decisions you’ll make in the estate planning process. The executor is responsible for managing your estate after your passing, including paying off debts, distributing assets according to your wishes, and ensuring that all aspects of your will are carried out efficiently and respectfully.

What are the benefits of seeking legal advice for will writing

While it may be tempting to write a will on your own, especially with the availability of online templates, seeking legal advice from experienced will writing solicitors offers significant benefits.

Our team understands that every situation is different, and a “one size fits all” approach can’t be taken. We provide bespoke advice that reflects your personal circumstances, ensuring your will is tailored to your exact requirements. This includes complex family situations, business ownerships, or provisions for vulnerable dependants.

Another important consideration is the laws governing wills and estates. These laws are complex. At RLK we are well-versed in these laws and can help navigate the legal intricacies, ensuring your will is valid, legally binding, and free from errors that could lead to disputes or your wishes being unfulfilled.

Beyond simply drafting a will, we can offer valuable insights into comprehensive estate planning, including tax implications, setting up trusts, and strategies for asset protection. This approach ensures that all aspects of your estate are considered, potentially saving your beneficiaries significant time and money in the future.

Our experienced wills and probate team are here to support you every step of the way. We specialise in all matters relating to writing a will and probate, contested wills, trusts and estates, lasting powers of attorney, trusts and deeds of variation. Trust us to help you keep your loved ones protected.

Peace of mind packs

Our ‘peace of mind packs’ have been specially tailored to provide everything you need to ensure your affairs are put in order.

For couples

Our pack for couples includes wills incorporating a trust, powers of attorney for finances, health and welfare and information on care fees, planning and choosing a care home.

You also have access to information and guidance on tax planning, where the estate exceeds the current Inheritance tax (IHT) threshold.

For single clients

Our pack for single clients provides a will, powers of attorney and advice on setting up trusts. It includes advice on the care funding system and tax funding, as well as choosing a care home.

Shopping around?

If you are searching for professional wills and probate services in Birmingham, please remember to compare like for like. We offer a very personal and friendly will writing and probate service, with a transparent fee structure.

Get in touch, for more information on how we can help you

I felt reassured and had a feeling of confidence during the whole process.

I was impressed with the patience that was given to explain legal jargon in layman’s terms. There was nothing that RLK could have done better.

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