Do I need a solicitor to get divorced?

The short answer is no, but it is a very good idea to instruct an experienced, specialist family divorce solicitor.

In the same way that a person could try and fix their own car if it failed, or cut their own hair, it is usually far preferable to instruct an expert.

Whilst the divorce process is increasingly designed to be user-friendly, it remains the case that an incorrectly completed divorce petition could be rejected or result in the loss of an automatic right to make financial claims. An application to finalise the divorce too early can result in the loss of other financial rights, such as pension entitlements.

There are routinely wider issues to resolve, such as child arrangements and finances. Divorce itself does not deal with any of these issues. Even after divorce, parties have the right to make financial claims against each other. Why run the risk of a former spouse coming after a future windfall or inheritance? Instructing a sensible solicitor from the outset is often far more cost-effective than trying to go it alone.

An alternative question to ask is, should I instruct a solicitor? If you want to ensure the best outcome for you and your family, then the answer to this question is yes and, again a specialist family solicitor. As well as being an expert, a solicitor is also a buffer between you and your spouse in what can be an emotional and difficult time.

RLK Solicitors have experienced family law solicitors able to advise upon the factors most relevant to your circumstances and how these should be taken into account. A realistic approach often saves both time and money.

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