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Making a will is important.

We write wills from the most simple bequests to those involving complicated trusts and tax mitigation. At your initial appointment we will discuss your needs and advise you of the type of will you require and the cost. We do not operate a ‘one size fits all’ policy.


We can work on a ‘grant only’ basis if you wish, for which a fixed fee will be charged.

Complete Estate Administration – the costs of this vary and will be discussed with you in an open manner when we meet.

We usually charge on a percentage basis of the gross estate but this is flexible depending on the value and complexity of the estate. We aim to give an effective and cost efficient service.

We believe everyone should have a power of attorney in place. Our service includes preparation of the document, acting as certificate provider and registration with the OPG.

Don’t leave it too late, contact us now for advice on the procedures involved.


We charge on an hourly rate for advice and assistance with regard to Deputyship.  Recent Deputyship applications have cost between £1,000 to £2,000 plus VAT and Court fees and Doctor’s fees.

Please call or email to enquire about our Peace of Mind Packs.

Our Peace of Mind Packs have been specially tailored to provide everything that you may want to ensure that your affairs are put in order.

We have two packs one for couples and one for single clients.

The pack for couples includes wills incorporating a trust, powers of attorney for finances, health and welfare and information on care fees planning and choosing a care home. Included in the competitive price of the pack, clients will also have access to information and guidance on tax planning where the estate exceeds the current IHT threshold.

For single clients, we have a pack providing a will, powers of attorney and advice on the care funding system, choosing a care home and tax funding.

Our People:

Joyce Bennell

Sabah Babar


We aim to give you a good service at a fair price. Please contact us to discuss your needs and concerns or request further information.

We do home and hospital visits in Birmingham, Worcestershire and Herefordshire at little or no additional charge.

By using us you have the comfort of knowing we are qualified, insured, regulated and professional.

Shopping around? Please remember to compare like with like. We offer a very personal and friendly service and a transparent fee structure.


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