Where do I start with sorting out matrimonial finances?

There are two very distinct phases of resolving matrimonial finances, the initial short-term (usually income related situation) and the longer-term situation. In the first instance we will consider the first scenario. 

A sensible starting point is to consider your basic outgoings such as:-

  • Rent/mortgage;
  • Food;
  • Utility bills;
  • Council tax;
  • Car costs;
  • Debt repayments;
  • Subscriptions;
  • Childcare costs; and
  • Other child related costs. 

Make a list and total your basic income need. Previous bank statements may be a helpful guide to your outgoings. Remember that households with only one adult usually qualify for a reduction in council tax. 

Secondly consider your income. What is your earned income, are you entitled to any benefits and is child maintenance a consideration? There is a useful child maintenance calculator on the gov.uk website which can assist.  Will your former partner be making any ongoing contribution to outgoings and if not, is it possible to seek an order from the court for them to do so? 

RLK Solicitors can help and guide you on the possibility of whether you have the right to make a claim for interim spousal maintenance, which can include a claim for a Legal Services Order to cover legal fees, and the likelihood of success of such a claim. RLK Solicitors have experienced family law solicitors able to advise upon the factors most relevant to your circumstances and how these should be taken into account. A realistic approach often saves both time and money.

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