Corporate Willcare Scheme

Corporate Willcare Scheme™

Corporate Willcare Scheme

For business owners looking to enhance their current employee benefits package, RLK offers a Corporate Willcare Scheme™ to assist your employees with setting up Wills, Trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Studies show that staff are more likely to remain with employers offering a wide-ranging benefits scheme. By utilising the Corporate Willcare Scheme™, employers provide opportunities for employees to arrange their personal affairs. Employees will recognise the support provided by their employer at challenging times.

We offer remote, national appointments for your convenience. We provide all material required for you and your employees. Where practical, your employees can visit one of our offices or a dedicated member of the team will visit your employees face to face.

RLK can provide individuals with all of the below services;

  • Simple Wills
  • Trust Wills
  • Advice on Executorship and Guardians
  • Protecting assets from sideways disinheritance 
  • Inheritance Tax advice 
  • Lifetime gifting 

As an additional benefit, directors of businesses who use the Corporate Willcare Scheme™ can access other RLK services at a discounted rate. 

RLK’s Private Client Department contains members of STEP which ensure our services are always carried out by experienced and skilled professionals.

For further information, please contact James Moore at 

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