Business Interruption Insurance Claims

Insurers are refusing to pay out on legitimate business interruption claims, leaving companies helpless. Is your business one of them?

Whoever your insurer is, we will guide you through the process of making a claim and will always fight your corner.

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    Recover the compensation you’re entitled to

    You may have taken out a Business Interruption Insurance (“BII”) with the belief that if you suffer an incident that caused you to lose profits, you could claim against your policy. 

    When the impact of COVID-19 hit and your business was forced to shut or trade differently, chances are that you turned to your BII policy to see if you were covered but were left disappointed 

    If you have attempted to claim against your insurer, you have almost certainly been left disappointed. 

    We’re here to help you. We’ll tell you if you have a case and if you do, we’ll take steps on your behalf to recover the compensation you’re entitled to, on a no-win, no fee basis.

    Trust us to challenge your insurer. 

    What to do next

    Give us a call on 0121 450 7800 or send us your contact details, and we will give you a call to discuss this further.

    After talking with you, we can take a look through your insurance policy and schedule to make sure there’s nothing you missed that would enable you to make a claim.

    We will conduct a no cost, in-depth review of your documentation and where necessary, any communication you may have had with your insurance broker or provider. 

    If we believe you have a claim against your insurer, we have the experience to quantify your losses and recover compensation on your behalf. 

    We will challenge the final decisions made by the insurer in relation to your claim and advise you on any offers to settle that you receive.

    Rubric Lois King: Our People

    Our legal experts, Satish Jakhu and Chris Guy have extensive experience in handling a wide range of insurance and commercial dispute claims. 

    We have also engaged the services of members of 3PB Barristers as part of our delivery of a first-class legal advisory and advocacy service to our clients.

    Together, we have reviewed thousands of policies and are dealing with hundreds of cases relating to business interruption insurance, just like yours. 

     By using Rubric Lois King, you have the comfort of knowing we are qualified, insured, regulated and professional with over a century of experience.

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    How we can help

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    Get in touch with us

    Fill out the form on this page or give us a call on 0121 450 7800 and one of our expert team of solicitors will be able to talk about your insurance policy in more detail.

    Step 2

    We will check your policy

    We will take a look through your insurance policy and schedule to make sure there’s nothing you missed that would enable you to make a claim.

    Step 3

    Letter of Claim

    If we believe you could make a claim, will send a formal required document called a “Letter of Claim” to your insurance company, including a schedule of your losses.

    Step 4

    Take action

    We will review the response to the Letter of Claim and advise you on your options