Peace of mind for your employees with the Corporate Willcare Scheme

Are you struggling with staff retention? You’re not alone. In today’s competitive job market, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to retain top talent.

But fear not, we have the perfect solution for you. Our Corporate Willcare Scheme TM  is specifically designed to address this issue. We understand that traditional employee benefits may not be enough to keep your employees from seeking other opportunities.

That’s why our unique package goes beyond the usual discounts on gyms, cinema tickets or restaurant vouchers. Our scheme includes comprehensive will writing and probate services, tailored specifically for your employees. This not only adds value to their lives but also shows them that you are investing in their future.

With our Corporate Willcare Scheme TM , you can provide your employees with a valuable benefit that will make them feel appreciated and valued. This can lead to increased employee satisfaction, improved retention rates, and ultimately a more productive workforce.

At RLK Solicitors, we have designed our Corporate Willcare Scheme TM to be tailored for employers to provide their staff with access to our Private Client department to offer wills, Trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorney. Employees will be able to put their minds at ease knowing that they have prepared for the future, courtesy of the benefits scheme that their employer has put into place.

Not only that, but should the worst happen your employee’s family will be able to recognise that your firm helped make the most difficult of times easier by providing their loved one with an invaluable service.

Our services include;

  • Simple wills
  • Wills to include Trusts
  • Inheritance Tax advice
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney

Why is a will so important?

Approximately 60% of the population are said to have no will in place in the UK. If you omit those that are retired, it is probably closer to 80% meaning that those people risk the government deciding what happens to their assets once they pass away. Furthermore, those with young children will not have formalised their wishes as to who would care for their children if they were under 18 at the time of their parent’s passing.

Unfortunately, we hear many horror stories of couples who did not plan ahead and subsequently their children are disinherited when a surviving spouse or partner moves into a new relationship. The correct will can protect your assets for your beneficiaries to ensure that they receive your hard-earned funds/estate?.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

In addition, with the growing rise of incapacity, dementia and mental health issues, Lasting Powers of Attorney are becoming increasingly important documents to put in place. These documents allow a person to appoint someone to manage their affairs if the time comes where they no longer have the capacity to do so themselves. The alternative to this is an extremely costly and time-consuming battle with the courts, as notably (amongst others) Kate Garraway has found when trying to assist with her husband’s affairs.

Inheritance Tax advice

Many of the general population are also unaware of the current complicated and convoluted Inheritance Tax threshold within the UK. Having a professional  to advise to them as part of our services may put their minds at ease, as well as saving their family an unwanted tax bill.

RLK Solicitors will also exclusively extend our Corporate Willcare Scheme TM offering to directors of your business to set up their planning free of charge.

For more information on how to provide this unique tailored benefit to your employees, please contact James Moore on