Legal Disputes are on the Rise.

Litigation can’t be avoided – but you can prepare.

Chirs Guy, Head of Business Interruption Litigation, RLK Solicitors: “If you are facing a dispute, working with a specialist litigation lawyer can make all the difference. With our expertise in managing disputes of various natures, we can provide efficient solutions that are both cost-effective and tailored to your specific needs.”

Businesses are anticipating a significant rise in legal disputes. Entering into litigation can carry financial consequences for a business, often requiring substantial investment of time and resources. This can lead to a business’s diversion of focus and can disrupt daily operations, hindering productivity. Cases where businesses are unsuccessful in dealing with a legal dispute, can lead to reputational damage and may have a long-lasting impact on their customer relationships.

Litigation is simply unavoidable, being prepared and protected is the key to success. Seeking good legal advice early can help to reduce the risk of legal action, by providing the appropriate guidance and ensuring the correct procedures are followed.

Across the past three years RLK Solicitors have seen a significant year on year increase in instructions on litigation matters. As we move out of a post Covid world, there is still a focus on business interruption insurance claims by businesses, which are being pursued. In addition to this, there remain varying pressures faced by businesses, such as the rise in energy costs, supply chain issues and labour shortages. These pressures have the ability to create legal disputes with employees, customers, suppliers and even regulatory bodies.

Key findings from research conducted within the legal sector has predicted a rise in legal disputes over the next few years. In addition, 82% of in-house senior lawyers expect an increase in spending on legal disputes over the next three years.

Research analysed trends within different sectors and highlighted that the financial services sector in particular, is one in which has the highest amount of disputes at every level, with an anticipated rise in environmental disputes, supply chain disputes, employment issues and group litigation.

In a bid to deal with the rising cost of litigation, many companies are considering the option of third-party litigation funding, but this can vary from sector to sector. As the costs of litigation increase, this will in turn increase the use of litigation finance.

In anticipation of this, businesses need to be prepared for the rising costs of litigation and the inevitable disputes that will occur.

At RLK, we understand the importance of having specialist litigation solicitors on your side when dealing with disputes. Legal disputes can have a significant impact on businesses and business owners. Don’t let these issues hold you back.

Our expertise and knowledge in managing disputes of all kinds allows us to efficiently handle your case, saving you time and money. Our team at RLK Solicitors are here to provide expert legal advice and support, helping you navigate through any challenges with confidence.

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