Buying or Selling a Property? Top tips to help you stay ahead of the process. 

New Year, New home? We have got you covered, we set out some useful tips to help you get started and stay ahead.  

Buying or selling a property can be a stressful process. To make for a smoother  experience, it is important to stay ahead of the game.  
Getting your property ready for sale – tips for preparation and staying ahead. 

Property documents  

Before selling your property, make sure you gather essential documents. If your property was newly built when you purchased it, include the new build warranty and any other documents that were provided by the developer.  Additionally, provide details and documents to do with any building work, maintenance, or improvements to the property, such as: 

  • Building Regulations Approvals  
  • Electrical Inspections Certificates 
  • FENSA Certificates 
  • Gas Safe Certificates 
  • Guarantees/Warranties  
  • Planning Permissions  

Not having all the necessary documents can slow down the selling process and create frustration for everyone involved. Some documents can be retrieved online, but if you cannot find others, or if work was done without them, you may be able to offer and use an indemnity policy.  

Are you thinking about including or excluding specific items as part of the sale? Your solicitor will provide you with a Fixtures and Contents Form for you to list those items. The Form will be part of the sale contract and become legally binding so must include or exclude those items that you refer to. 

On the completion day, take meter readings and share them with your utility supplier. This ensures they are notified about the end of your utility usage at the property. 

Buying a property 

Initial steps you should consider when purchasing a property  
To avoid unnecessary delays you should ensure that you have everything you need to start the process: 

  • Ensure you have all your financial documents, including information as to the source of your funds, ready. We can provide guidance when you’re ready. 
  • If you are using Help to Buy ISA or a LISA, familiarise yourself with the requirements and timeframes for accessing those funds. 
  • If you are receiving a monetary gift to assist with your purchase, provide full details of the person providing the gift and the amount of the gift as soon as possible to ensure compliance with Money Laundering Regulations and, where applicable, the requirements of your lender. 
  • Consider obtaining life insurance to cover your mortgage. 
  • Conduct an early property inspection to identify any defects or issues. 

Choosing the right solicitor is key for ensuring a smoother process. 

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We hope these tips have been helpful and encourage you to take the necessary steps to avoid delays right from the start.