Creating a Will – Make It Personal

When we think of wills, we presume the only thing they can do for us is state where we want our belongings and capital to end up. The fact is, you can write whatever you want in a will, from requesting that your ashes be spread across the Himalayas to sending your relatives on a long winded hunt for your hidden fortune.

Making a will is always going to be one the most important decisions of your life which will ironically only be carried out when you have passed away. So make sure you make it count like these creative minds did.

That’s All Folks!

Mel Blanc voiced some of our most beloved Looney Tunes characters including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Sylvester the Cat. When it came to his unfortunate departure it was discovered that he had decided to take one his most well-known phrases literally to the grave with him.

Inscribed on his grave was the phrase ‘that’s all folks’, drawing a curtain on his successful career with a comic twist emphasising his comic genius and flair.

An Attempt to Escape Separation

Arguably one of the more unusual requests made was by the escape artist, Harry Houdini who requested that his wife should hold private séances on Halloween during which Houdini himself would communicate to her. For ten years she followed his wishes but never once heard from her departed husband.

Houdini’s will was clearly tailored to his own personal beliefs and wishes. Whilst creating your will our wills and trusts team will ensure that your every need and request is catered for, meaning you can leave your loved ones something out of the ordinary if you so wish.

Romance Isn’t Dead

One of the most successful celebrities of the 20th century was Jack Benny and had an undying love for his wife, Mary Livingstone. However he had decided to leave his florist an astounding sum of money, which would have seemed fairly questionable had it not been known his reason for doing so.

Every day for the rest of Mary Livingstone’s life, she would receive one rose bought with the money her husband had left his florist. This simple yet romantic display of love and affection just shows that leaving money and belongings to loved ones doesn’t have to be the standard you aim for.

Maybe these wills are too out of the ordinary for you? Or maybe you’d want something that much more unusual? Whatever you desire in your will, Rubric Lois King can provide you with the means to create it and have it set in stone.

Making a will is vital in putting your mind at ease that your requests are carried out so why not make an enquiry with us and our team of dedicated and motivated professionals can get started on creating your perfect will.